Sponsorship Consulting

Sponsorship is the fulcrum of all marketing!

As a sponsorship management professional, we have three priorities when selecting and
negotiating sponsorship deals. They are:

1. Target market needs 2. Internal buy-in 3. Brand needs

The leverage program of a successful Sponsorship will have one or more of the following qualities:

. It is leveraged in a way that respects and enhances the audience’s emotional connection
with the event (or team, cultural organization, program, etc)

. It provides meaningful added-value to the audience’s experience with the event

. It provides meaningful added-value to the customer’s experience with the brand

. It enhances the target market’s community (geographic or virtual) in a way that impacts,
even in a small way, on ordinary people’s lives

. The best sponsorships will have all the above as a good package.

We at Gaames help you answer your key questions:

. What do my target markets care about? Are there any events, sports, programs, or causes?

(Eg: Celebrity association, Social angles, the high arts, alternative music, etc)

. What are all the ways that my target market consumes that event? (eg: at the stadium, in a bar,
at home with friends, reading about it in the paper, etc.)

. What are the best things about this event experience that ignites interest to my target market?

. What are the areas that needs to be improved in order to make this this event experience reach
better to my target markets?

. Is my brand part of that experience? Could it be? How can we improve that experience?

. What are all the ways that my target market consumes my brand and competitor brands?
What is their “brand experience”?